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Top-to-Bottom Deluxe in Miami

Do you have something special planned for your family in the near future? Perhaps you're anticipating out-of-town visitors to stay and visit? 

KleanMIA, the area's finest cleaning service provider, is available for one-time cleaning services. You'll get comprehensive, cost-effective disinfection and sanitizing products that kill germs at their source. Our skilled house cleaners utilize ecologically friendly chemicals that help eradicate microorganisms on touch while also promoting optimum air quality. With our crew on your side, you'll get a thorough cleaning that will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

Why You Need a Deep Clean

No matter the extent of the cleaning or even the size of your property, our cleaning services provided by our team are thorough and professional and take care of various concerns.

Bad Odors That Do Not Disappear

The source of an odor in your house might be anything. You can give us a call if you notice that different parts of your home are emitting unpleasant aromas so that we can deodorize the area. We will use only high-quality materials that are guaranteed to kill germs and leave your home smelling clean and fresh once again.

Dust Accumulates Quickly.

It may appear as dust collects in your home quicker than you can remove it. Dust particles found in the air can aggravate sinuses in allergy sufferers and create breathing problems in people with chronic diseases. Allow our experienced cleaners to assist you and your family in breathing better by providing one-time deep cleaning that includes thorough dusting of all surfaces.

Hard Surfaces Seem Dull

Whenever hard surfaces in your house begin to seem dull due to filth, dust, or age, you'll need the help of specialists to bring them back to life. Our one-time housekeeping specialists are prepared to make rapid work of your uninspired, aged, and dirty surfaces and restore their luster.

Dirt Buildup

Dirt, filth, and mineral deposits can accumulate over time if your faucets and showerheads are not thoroughly cleaned. With our strong cleaning solutions, our crew can blast through those tough stains on anything from floors to countertops, giving your property the like-new feel it deserves.


If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies inside your house, it might indicate that dirt, dust, and pet dander are polluting the air. Our one-time cleaning services aim to help you remove airborne allergies by washing, mopping, sweeping, and dusting surfaces.

Deep Cleans Are Also Great For:

You're Moving 

Moving requires careful planning. You must securely move in (or exit) and prepare the area for your arrival or new inhabitants. We may provide a one-time cleaning so you can relax throughout your relocation.

You're Hosting 

Event preparation entails wearing several hats to prepare for guests, entertainment, food, and a wonderful time for all. A successful event requires a tidy house. Let KleanMIA handle your next event.

It's Just Time

There may be no pressing occasion or other justification for a thorough cleaning beyond the simple fact that the time has come. We're here to offer our one-time cleaning service so that you may give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves. 

Call us right away for all of your one-time cleaning needs. We can help you whether you need a full building cleaned or just your kitchen cleaned.

Areas We Deep Clean

You may rely on our highly qualified, insured, and bonded cleaning professionals to handle the cleaning of any room in your house or place of business without any difficulty.


When we're through cleaning your kitchen, you won't even recognize it as the same space. In addition to the standard cleaning jobs that we conduct, such as disinfecting surfaces, we also clean your cabinets' appliances, floors, and the fronts. Our all-encompassing cleaning technique makes quick work of even the most stubborn cooking messes.


You can make your bedrooms appear like they belong on the pages of a design magazine by doing things like cleaning picture frames and ceiling fans, dusting lamp shades, and vacuuming upholstery. When it comes to cleaning your sleeping areas, we attempt to pay attention to the slightest details.


Because bacteria resides on practically all of the surfaces in your bathroom without your knowledge, it may be one of your house's dirtiest and germiest rooms. However, our staff has cutting-edge technologies and ecological cleaning strategies to disinfect your bathroom and assist you.

Living Areas

Living rooms and dining rooms see a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis, making them great spots in need of a thorough cleaning. We can clean these areas so that you and your family may spend more time together and create more memories.

Home Offices

Bacteria may survive on keyboards, laptops, phones, and other high-touch surfaces, so your home office may be getting a lot of usage recently. Our house cleaners can assist you in eliminating possibly hazardous microorganisms while protecting your valuable electronics and office equipment.

Kids Playrooms

Children, as they should, track dirt and germs into your house because they like exploring the world. Our deep-cleaning home experts can sterilize your children's playroom to help prevent the spread of infections, allowing them to return to being little explorers while providing you with total peace of mind.


We pay special attention to your home's floors and utilize strong cleaning solutions to eliminate scuff marks, filth, hazardous bacteria, and much more. You can be confident that you'll have a spotless retreat after we're through with your space's floors and carpets.

Services Included

When we come to clean your house, we do more than simply make it seem clean. We make every effort to keep it spotless! We pay particular attention to all heavily handled surfaces, regularly traveled places and lesser-seen regions for a floor-to-ceiling cleaning that you will see and feel when you enter.


You may often vacuum, assuming you've removed all debris and dust. Home vacuums aren't as good as they should be in removing particles from carpet fibers. Unseen bacteria and microbes might be infecting your house right now. KleanMIA employs strong equipment to remove dirt at the source so you may walk freely.


Many homeowners think dusting just involves flat surfaces. Our staff dusts ceiling fans, lampshades, and bookshelves. We use dust-attracting cloths instead of sweeping. When dust settles on your hard surfaces, call us to clear it.


Mopping your home may be a nasty chore, especially if you don't have the right equipment to guarantee you're getting rid of dirt from the flooring. Our ecologically friendly cleaning products make your floors gleam while keeping your entire family happy and healthy in the long run.


We clean your most-loved locations, but we also sterilize everything we touch. We clean your house to safeguard your family's health and safety. Our disinfection procedures and modern instruments eliminate dirt, grime, and germs from hard and soft surfaces.

Wiping Down

Wiping down surfaces might sound like an easy task, but we wipe all of those hard-to-reach spaces and areas you may not have noticed. Our cleaning team wipes down everything from kitchen and bathroom counters, pulls and handles, baseboards, appliances, and so much more. We leave hard and soft surfaces completely clean and disinfected.

Trash Removal

Getting rid of the garbage in your house or place of business is an easy chore that will help you maintain your space, improve the air quality, and protect the health of your loved ones. Our house cleaning professionals will remove the rubbish from your kitchen, bathrooms, and home office during their one-time visit. 

Frequently Asked Question

When Should a One-Time Cleaning Be Performed?

Many individuals plan cleanings at least four times a year; however, personal taste and other factors might affect this. This helps to remove dust, filth, dirt, and other deposits that routine cleaning does not eliminate.

Signs you should schedule a one-time cleaning include:

  • Persistent smells
  • Dust buildup
  • Buildup of dirt or grime
  • Your allergies worsened

One-time cleanings are perfect for moving into new houses, flats, offices, etc. A one-time cleaning can help you prepare for an occasion.

How Much Does a One-Time Cleaning Cost?

The cost of a one-time cleaning might vary based on various aspects, including the size of the area, the presence of animals, the tools required, the state of the space, and more. So there are no surprises; our house cleaners will discuss prices with you before entering your property. Other house cleaning services may add extra charges to your final payment, but we always provide accurate costs and estimates.

How Long Do One-Time Cleanings Take?

The extent of the task determines the duration of our house cleaning services. Our skilled cleaners are trained to work fast and thoroughly to provide you with the results you deserve. Thanks to the strong cleaning solutions and cutting-edge equipment we utilize, we can be in and out of your space in a matter of hours, leaving you to enjoy your freshly cleaned house.

Call KleanMIA to Schedule a Deep Clean in Miami!

Our local cleaning service specialists offer economical and quality one-time cleaning—or continuing cleaning—whenever required. We use innovative procedures and tactics to properly disinfect your space.

From busy families to busy professionals in Miami-Dade, KleanMIA works to provide an easy and pleasant experience that keeps them coming back as Repeat Customers. We clean 7 days a week including Sundays... And you can contact us Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm.

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